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robotic hair transplant Jul 25, 2018

Robotics Hair Transplantation vs Manual

The bad news is — you’re suffering from hair loss. The good news is — you have more options than ever before to stop hair loss, grow existing hairs and restore your scalp’s former fullness. So...

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male hair restoration Jun 14, 2018

Follow These Tips and Get the Most From Your Hair Restoration Procedure

The time for your hair restoration procedure has arrived. Along with the excitement of knowing that you will soon enjoy a fuller and more natural looking head of hair, you probably also have a few...

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dye hair Jun 13, 2018

Can I Color My Hair?

You want to look great, and how your hair looks plays a major role in how you look and how you feel. Coloring your hair may give you the subtle improvement to your look that you want, help you...

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close-up-injection-instrument-415816 Jun 04, 2018

Can PRP Help With My Hair Loss?

Your hair is a vital part of your identity. When you start noticing your hair falling out, it can lead to embarrassment and you trying to find any reason to cover it up with a hat. But there is...

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close-up-container-drugs-161641 May 26, 2018

The Difference: Propecia vs. Finasteride

Hair loss is a condition that affects up to two-thirds of males in America. The most common type of hair loss among men is Androgenic Alopecia, or otherwise known as Male Pattern Baldness....

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beach-sand-summer-46710 May 21, 2018

Be Proactive and Protect Yourself This Summer

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting hotter. Summer is just around the corner, and people can't wait to be outside and enjoy the warm weather. But with this beautiful season...

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hair loss May 16, 2018

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss is more common than you may think. By the age of 35, approximately two-thirds of males in America will notice some degree of appreciable hair loss. While females, suffering from some...

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Wash May 04, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Have a Healthier Scalp and Hair

Does your scalp usually feel dry, itchy or excessively oily? Then you might be experiencing hair loss due to poor maintenance of your scalp.

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barber-beard-close-up-897262 Mar 23, 2018

Trending Hairstyles for 2018

It's a new year, so why not try something new? Go for that Mohawk you always wanted to rock, or maybe it's time to clean up your act and have a slick comb over so you can nail that job interview...

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pexels-photo-793785 Mar 13, 2018

Get Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair With This Powerful Vitamin

Do you remember your first vehicle? How nice it felt to sit in the driver’s seat for the very first time. To drive around the block and show it off to all your friends. Well, your body is just...

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